Killdeer is all female rock and roll with riffy guitar-driven original music and a few tasty covers to boot.

Hailing from music meccas across the US - Seattle, Detroit, Queens, Long Island - and growing up in musical families spanning country, folk, jazz, classical and rock and roll, their influences are too many to list yet distilled into a sound that’s garage-y, punk, alternative, pop and rock. The band has released three EPs including their self-titled debut in 2019,  the eclectic Purse Jungle in 2020, and their latest It’s a Bird, It’s a Band, It’s KILLDEER in 2023. They regularly play in New York City and have toured in the UK. You can find their music on all major platforms. 

With rocking muscular tunes and unabashedly fun live shows, run, don’t walk, to the next Killdeer show! 


Keri Buster - guitar and vocals (aka KBilly)

Jacqueline Champe - bass and vocals (aka Jackay)

Robin Marsico - drums (aka Rockin Robin)

Jennifer Robinson - guitar and vocals (aka JRo)


KILLDEER - it’s a noun, not a verb!

Our namesake is the Killdeer bird - loud drama queens who are born ready to rock!